Lacquered raised display stand 花台 (ka’dai) with rooster design

Price:  4.200,00

Astonishing, high quality lacquered raised display stand 花台 (ka’dai) executed in intricate hiramaki-e 平蒔絵 (low-relief lacquer design) and takamaki-e 高蒔絵 (high-relief lacquer design) in different shades of gold and silver on a reddish golden dense nashiji ground 梨子地 (sprinkled gold lacquer).

The surface area adorned with a design of an impressive rooster 雄鶏 (ondori) perched on top of a large taiko 太鼓 (drum) with a lavish jinmaku 陣幕 (camp enclosure curtain) behind. Branches of a blooming cherry blossom tree 桜 (sakura) extend above. Scrolling tendrils of ivy 蔦 (tsuta), coming down of these branches, stretch out over the scene. Some of the larger leaves are with a shiny blue mother-of-pearl 螺鈿 (raden) inlay.
The scalloped skirt connecting the four curved feet decorated with an en-suite design.

In a very good condition with minor traces of wear conform age, like minor chips of the rim of the feet. One edge of the top with an old restoration. Please have a look at the photos for a condition reference.

Height 11.7 cm, Width 54.7 cm, Depth 32.6 cm.
Period: Japan – 1880 (Meiji period).

Including wooden tomobako 供箱 (storage box) with dated inscription and pull-out tray:
The 4th month of the 13th year of Meiji (Anno 1880) 明治十三年四月, originating it to a temple called Amida’ji 阿弥陀寺. Amida-ji is the name of a Buddhist temple or place in various parts of Japan. As temples, they often have Amida Nyorai as their principal deity.

When shipped we will add a certificate of authenticity.
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Ref. No. : B4227-1d bg24


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