Black lacquered wooden paper-enclosed hand lantern

Price:  650,00

Attractive fully restored black lacquered wooden paper-enclosed hand lantern 手提行灯 (tesage andon) with an tapered hexagonal lampshade and an adjustable 2-part copper loop handle.
The delicate shade has slender ribs placed over washi-paper, on one side a sliding panel, and the copper surface area with three cute hearth-shaped openings. It can be easily removed when the handles are placed flat, as it has the ingenious mechanism that when you carry it, the lampshade is locked into place.
It rests on a circular base with three short concave feet.
When lit, the fine washi-paper gives a lovely warm glow.

The sliding panel was placed so that you were able to light the candle! Now the lamp is equipped with a newly electrified CE-fitting, and remodelled as a table lamp.
Meiji period (1868-1912)
Height 41 cm, Diameter 19.5 cm.

The washi-paper has been completely restored, and the frame itself is in a very good condition.

Please note: given the delicacy of this piece, we don’t dare to ship this lamp.

Ref. No. : B2616


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