Ariake’andon 有明行灯

Price:  700,00

A very rare and unique red urushi’nuri 漆塗り (lacquer ware) paper-enclosed ariake’andon 有明行灯, which is a portable paper lantern for walking at night.
Beautifully decorated all around with a bottle gourd 瓢箪 (hyôtan) design; swirling branches with large golden hiramaki-e 平蒔絵 (low-relief design) leaves engulf the lamp. From the vines hang shapely openwork bottle gourds. Which, when the lamp is lit, give a nice warm glue due to the washi-paper placed behind it.

Height with the handle upright 35.4 cm, Width 18.5 cm, Depth 18.6 cm.

Considering its age, which is approx. 220-155 years old, the lantern is in a very good condition. Some minor traces of age and wear across the rims and handle. Please look at the photos for a condition reference. The washi-paper has been completely restored.
Late Edo period.
When shipped we will add a certificate of authenticity.

Ref. No. : B1273


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