Price:  280,00

Dark brown lacquered incense box (Kogo in Japanese) with a maroon maki-e lacquered scroll on the lid.
The scroll depicts an embarked boat under a willow tree beside a riverbank. In Japan, a willow tree gives a sense of hope, belonging, and safety.
Kogo are most widely used in Japan for the storage of incense and cosmetics. The burning of incense began during the 6th century with the introduction of Buddhism. Incense is used to purify the air in order to perform sacred religious rites and ceremonies, for example tea ceremony.
The incense box is in very good condition and comes in its original wooden box ” tomobako”. Late Taisho early Showa-period.
Height: 17 mm
Diameter: 73 mm

Shipping and handling not included.

Ref. No. : 202316X


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