Ivory netsuke of a rat on a mokugyo

Price:  450,00

Charming carved ivory netsuke 根付 (carved button fastener) with an unusual depiction of a rat with human-like arm and legs holding a fly-whisk 払子 (hossu), while he stands on a mokugyo 木魚 (chanting bell, ‘wooden fish’). Its eyes inlaid with soft coral. A loose ball can be shaken inside the bell.

Signed at the back ‘Toshigyoku’ 寿玉 and two more inscriptions in cartouches.

The netsuke has a nice large himotoshi on the back from the time of creation, with a more recent one just above it.

It is in a very good condition with a nice soft brown patina and proper rounded down edges.

Height 4.0 cm, Width 2.3 cm, Depth 2.2 cm.
Weight 15 grams.

Period: Japan – Late Edo period (First half 19th century)

Original CITES certificate only valid within the European Union.
Certificate of ivory & antiquity compiled by E. de Landmeter FGA, Certified Registered Appraiser.

Please note that we can only sell this item to customers inside the EU.

Ref. No. : VZN-5


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