Five piece inrô, signed by Kajigawa 梶川

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Beautiful high quality 5-piece inrô 印籠 depicting the god of fortune Ebisu 恵比須 on one side. In his hand he holds a fan, while behind him he has a basket filled with a large fish and his fishing rod lies on the ground. The other side shows another god of fortune, namely Daikokuten 大黒天, recognizable by his large sack resting on his shoulder, and his mallet by its side.

The hiramaki-e 平蒔絵 (low-relief design) and takamaki-e 高蒔絵 (high-relief design) done in different shades of gold, silver and red. The interior decorated with nashiji 梨子地.

The bottom signed ‘Kajigawa zaku’ 梶川作 (Made by Kajigawa). Kajigawa 梶川 is a famous name of a family with many lacquer masters.

Ebisu is the Japanese god of fishermen and luck. Daikokuten is a syncretic Japanese deity of fortune and wealth. Both are one of the Seven Gods of Fortune (七福神, Shichifukujin). (From Wikipedia)

The inrô is in a very good condition. Please look at the photos for reference to its condition.

H. : 8,5 cm W. : 5,7 cm D. : 2,0 cm
Period: Japan – Meiji period (1868-1912).

Wooden tomobako 供箱 (storage box).
Original CITES certificate only valid within the European Union.
Certificate of ivory & antiquity compiled by E. de Landmeter FGA, Certified Registered Appraiser.

Please note that we can only sell this item to customers inside the EU.

Ref. No. : 92428


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