Black lacquered tea caddy (Natsume)

Price:  900,00

Beautiful black lacquered tea caddy (Natsume) with a design of 6 gourds (hyotan) and confetti in gold high relief Maki-e lacquered design. The inside with naiji sprinkled gold lacquer, with red lacquered mark on the reverse side of the body. The Japanese believe that a set of six gourds brings you good health and safety. Natsume’s are named after the Natsume (jujube) fruit and used in Japan as a statement piece in tearooms. They usually contain fine matcha powder and have been used in tea ceremonies by tea masters since 1563.
Signed by: Okazawa Kigyô (1941). A leaflet is included in the box with a listing of the artist activities. The box itself is around Heisei 8 (1996), last year mentioned on the paper.
The tea caddy is in perfect condition and comes in original wooden box.

Height: 70 mm; Diameter: 70 mm.

Shipping and handling not included.


Ref. No. : 202310X


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