Bronze okimono of a ‘karasu tengu’ 鴉天狗

Price:  2.800,00

Very refined bronze okimono of a ‘karasu tengu’ 鴉天狗 holding a candlestick.

Well cast as a tengu in half-human, half-bird form standing atop a pile of leaves on a rounded square base with lappet and wave diaper to the sides and supported on four curved feet.

The tengu with one horn, a prominent crow’s beak, large wings, and scaly legs, wearing long flowing robes tied at the waist as well as a broad collar with a cloud design. In his lowered right hand he holds a feathered hauchiwa 羽団扇 (magical feather fan) with a reishi 霊芝 (bracket fungus) handle, and in his raised left hand he holds up a removable leafy branch bearing buds surmounted by a floral candle pricket. His face with a fierce expression marked by bulging eyes and thick, furrowed brows.

Height incl. candlestick 55.5 cm, excl. candlestick, /34.5 cm, Depth & Width 16.6 cm.
Weight 3.9 kg.

Period: Japan – Meiji (1868-1912)

Tengu (Japanese: lit. “Heavenly Dog” or “Heavenly Sentinel”) are a type of legendary creature found in Japanese folk religion. They are considered a type of yôkai (supernatural beings) or Shinto kami (gods). In folk tales, the hauchiwa sometimes can grow or shrink a person’s nose, but usually, they have attributed the power to stir up great winds.

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