Paper box (ryōshibako)

Price:  2.200,00

Paper box (ryōshibako) decorated with sprinkled gold (nashiji) and a design of chrysanthemum flowers and leaves in raised gold, silver and some red-brown takamaki-e lacquer and some mother-of-pearl inlay work.

Inside the lid a design of butterflies in raised gold and silver takamaki-e lacquer with some mother-of-pearl inlay work signed: Kōrin (the designer of the motif).

Inside: sprinkled gold (nashiji) lacquer.

With an extra tray.

Meiji -TaishoPeriod.

Size; H. : 14,5 cm; 32,5 x 41,8 cm.

Shipping and handling not included.

Ref. No. : 71113


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