Lacquer rectangular suzuri’bako with cherry blossom

Price:  5.800,00

A very well-made, beautiful black lacquer rectangular suzuri’bako 硯箱 (writing box) with rounded corners. The well-fitted overhanging cover with a design of a lush cherry blossom tree 桜 (sakura) in full bloom with prominent recessed burls, and with a large silver full moon peeking through the branches.
Executed in gold and silver hiramaki-e 平蒔絵 (low-relief lacquer design) and takamaki-e 高蒔絵 (high-relief lacquer design) on a black ground, finished by gold lacquer rims.

The interior of the lid with an intricate design of a Chinese landscape with a temple in the mountains along a shore. The Chinese official, poet and calligrapher Toba is riding his mule across a bridge towards this temple nestled between craggy rockwork and various trees, like an impressive large pine tree. The maki-e design is set on a dense reddish gold nashiji substrate 梨子地 (sprinkled gold lacquer).

The box with a fitted tray housing an inkstone 硯 (suzuri) and a silver waterdropper 水滴 (suiteki). The trays design continuous with the theme: a pine tree and bamboo on a hill, with pine tree covered mountains on the horizon. The interior and bottom side of the box are also executed in nashiji.

Height 4.8 cm, Width 23.8 cm, Depth 25.9 cm
Period: Late Edo period – Early Meiji period (19th century).

The box is in a very good condition with some traces consistent with age and use, like some minor age cracks and minimal flaking. For a clear condition reference, please look at the photos.

When shipped we will add a certificate of authenticity. Price including insured shipping.

Ref. No. : 211204-1d


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