Important large laquerwork box

Price:  9.000,00

Important and large laquerwork box with rounded corners (ryōshibako), at the outside decorated with a continuous design over the sides and the lid depicting a landscape with some bamboo, a simple shed standing near running water and a flight of plovers flying in a sky with a full moon painted against a background of a partly black and partly sprinkled gold (nashiji), with some abalone mother-of-pearl inlaywork.

Inside sprinkled gold lacquer, the lid shows at the inside also a design of bivalve shells that are decorated with various designs at their inside in hues of gold- and silver makie lacquer with some mother-of-pearl inlaywork.

The box has silver rims. In a box. Meiji Period.

Size; H. : 13,8 cm; 31,6 x 39,8 cm.

Shipping and handling not included.

Ref. No. : 83527


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