Important gourd shaped writing box

Price:  5.800,00

Important gourd shaped writing box (suzuribako) signed: Yōyūsai (Hara Yōyūsai, 1769-1845) at the outside orange-brown lacquered and decorated
with gourd leaves in raised gold makie-lacquer in various shapes of gold-makie lacquer. Inside black lacquered with a design of ‘maiden-flowers’ (ominaeshi) in silver and gold makie-lacquer and some sprinkled gold-makie (nashiji). Inside with an inkstone and a bronze waterdropper showing in relief a crane bird. Crackled in both parts of the writing box. In a box.

Size; W. : 25,5 cm; D. : 22 cm; H. : 4,2cm.

Shipping and handling not included.

Ref. No. : 83220-LA


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