Exceptional ryôshibako

Price:  2.800,00

Exceptional lacquered wooden document box 料紙箱 (ryôshibako) features a rectangular shape with a slightly domed lid, beautifully adorned with a continuous garden scene. The vibrant garden showcases a towering bamboo tree 竹 (take), surrounded by lush chrysanthemums 菊 (kiku) and asters 野菊 (nogiku) on a gently sloping terrain.

The intricate design is crafted using techniques such as hiramaki-e 平蒔絵 (low-relief lacquer design), takamaki-e 高蒔絵 (high-relief lacquer design), and nashiji 梨子地 (sprinkled gold lacquer) in various shades of gold on a glossy black lacquered background 蝋色漆 (rôiro’urushi).

The inside of the lid features a depiction of a pair of red-crowned cranes 鶴 (tsuru) amidst a bamboo grove, rendered in the same lacquer techniques with vibrant red accents against a dark dense nashiji background. The box’s interior and underside are also finished in nashiji, complemented by silver-lined rims.

Period: Japan – Meiji period (1868-1912).

Height 19.5 cm, Width 42.2 cm, Depth 35.1 cm.

The box is in a very good original condition with minimal losses conform normal usage and age. Please look at the photos for a clear condition reference.

Including wooden tomobako 供箱 (storage box) with a Japanese inscribed label describing the contents.

When shipped we will add a certificate of authenticity.

Ref. No. : C3009


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