Large abalone (awabi)-shell with lid

Price:  750,00

Exceptional and one-of-a-kind large abalone (awabi)-shell, at the outside decorated with multicolored lacquered motives of different kind of shells and saltwater plants. On a substrate of naiji sprinkled gold lacquer. The shell has a lacquerware lid following the outline of the shell and decorated with shell motives and real small sea-shells as knob. Inside sprinkled gold (nashiji) lacquered. The abalone shell inside has beautiful mother of pearl colors like green – lila – pink – orange and bluish shades. In very nice original condition.

In original box.

Meiji – Taisho Period.
Size: Height: 10.2 cm; Width: c. 23 cm.

Shipping and handling not included.

Ref. No. : 93207


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