Lacquered box in the shape of a turtle

Price:  600,00

Very nice made wooden lacquered box in the shape of a turtle with a baby turtle on its back. The turtles are decorated with gold lacquerwork on red with different nicely detailed graphic designs. The back of the turtle serves as a lid, the small turtle on top is the knob of the lid. The small turtle can be detached when slided to the back.
The inside is lacquered in a darker color red brown. The turtle box is in very good condition.
In Japan the turtle is a symbol of longevity, endurance, persistence, and the continuation of life.

Size; H. : 19 cm W. : 33 cm D. : 45 cm.

Shōwa period (1926-1989).

Shipping and handling not included.

Ref. No. : 200290-CW


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