2 Ikebana baskets and 1 vase

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Ensemble of 2 wickerwork bamboo ikebana 生け花 flower baskets, and 1 small metal wickerwork vase;

1) An lovely elongated ovoid wickerwork bamboo ikebana flower basket with a fixed loop handle. Tightly woven using thin brown patinated strips of bamboo in a horizontal fashion. Including separate partially red lacquer bamboo segment vase with a metal lining (rough edges of the lining). It is in a very good condition.
Height 47.5 cm, Width 18 cm, Depth 18 cm.

2) A small globular wickerwork bamboo ikebana flower basket. The basket is woven loosely and criss-cross using thin light brown bamboo strips. The basket is in a very good condition.
Height 16.5 cm, Width 15.5 cm, Depth 15.5 cm.

3) A small baluster wickerwork metal ikebana flower vase. The vase is tightly woven using very thin strips of metal in a horizontal direction. On the inside a cylindrical metal container. On several places the thin strips of metal snapped. Please look at the photo’s for a condition reference.
Height 17.5 cm, Width 11.5 cm, Depth 8.5 cm.
Early Showa-period.
Bamboo weaving (竹編み, takeami) is a form of bamboo working (竹細工, takezaiku) and a traditional Japanese craft (工芸, kōgei), with a range of different applications, weaving styles and appearances. Japanese bamboo weaving is particularly well known for its use in basket weaving. (from Wikipedia)

Ref. No. : 202198X-202199X-202200X


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