Bamboo ikebana basket

Price:  350,00

A rare small square bamboo basket hanging from a bamboo tripod. Accompanying it are a large lobster made out of horn and a metal fishermen’s hook. The lobster’s chittin shows the beautiful coloring of the horn and it has various delicate parts. One of its legs looks to be repositioned and has old repair but none of it is missing (see last picture).

The basket itself is beautifully stained and the hook has an antique layer of rust to it.

Early – mid Showa Period.
We can only ship out within the E.U. !
Dimensions basket: H. : 34 cm Dia14 cm.
Dimensions lobster: H. : 5.5 W. : 37.5 cm D. : 6 cm
Dimensions: hook: H. : 17 cm; Dia: 12 cm.
Dimensions tripod: H. : 79 cm; Dia: 34 cm.

Shipping and handling not included.

Ref. No. : 83446


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