Yamagata wooden bô’dansu 棒箪笥

Price:  2.100,00

A striking Yamagata wooden bô’dansu 棒箪笥 (cabinet of drawers with a locking bar) in a single section. Fitted with rich hardware.
Fully restored, cleaned and waxed in Japan.

Crafted of sugi (cedar) wood, finished with high quality lacquer. The front with glossy black lacquer, and the sides, top and even the back with warm reddish brown translucent lacquer still showcasing the great natural wood grain.

The cabinet configured with three stacked full-width drawers which are protected by a vertical safety bar. Underneath another drawers and a hinged door heavily clad with decorative iron hardware. The door opens to two more drawers. The smooth running drawers are very deep and have a lot of volume, for easy storage.

The drawers are fitted with sturdy iron ‘warabite’-shaped handles. The large decorative lock plates each with their own elaborate designs, featuring a design of the iconic pairing of cranes 鶴 (tsuru) with mythical turtles 蓑亀 (minogame), and a pair of hawks around a pine tree 松 (matsu).
The locking bar is decorated with a crest depicting three oak leaves in a circle 丸に三つ柏 (maru ni mitsu kashiwa).

Each side with a pair of en-suite grip handles (totte), and retractable “pole-carrying”-handles, for easy transport.

These type of cabinets originate from the cities Tsuruoka 鶴岡 and Shônai 庄内 in the Yamagata Prefecture 山形県, Japan.

Period: Japan – Mid-19th century (Late Edo period/Early Meiji period).

Height 97.6 cm, Width 84.8 cm, Depth 41 cm.

It is in a very good completely restored condition with some minor traces of wear conform age. Great aged patina. For a clear general condition reference, please look at the photos as well.

When shipped we will add a certificate of authenticity.

Ref. No. : T2202


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