Shônai ishô dansu 衣装箪笥

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Beautiful and completely restored Shônai ishô dansu 衣装箪笥 (cabinet of drawers) in one section. Fully restored, cleaned and waxed.

The cabinet is made of Hinoki cypress. The front is lacquered in a deep brown/black colour. While the sides, top and even the back of the tansu is varnished in a warm deep red colour. Creating a nice contrast.

The cabinet has four large drawers equipped with ‘fiddlehead fern’-handles. The drawers are very deep and have a lot of volume, for easy storage. They run very smoothly. Each side with two grip handles (totte), and a pole-carrying handle, which were used for easy transport.

The entire front is protected by a removable vertical safety bar. The hardware of the safety bar decorated with an crest depicting two crossed feathers 丸に違鷹羽 (Maruni chigai takanoha). Above and under the crest a design of a crane 鶴 (tsuru) and ancient turtle 蓑亀 (minogame) between pine trees and flowers. Depicting the saying ‘Tsuru wa sen’nen, Kame wa man’nen’ 鶴は千年亀は万年, meaning ‘A crane lives for a thousand years, a tortoise ten thousand years’.

It is in a very good condition, with only some minor traces of age and wear. Please see the photos for reference.

This kind of cabinets originate from Shônai – Yamagata Prefecture in the north of Japan.
Meiji period (1868-1912).
Height 105.8 cm, Width 86.5 cm, Depth 42.1 cm.

When shipped we will add a certificate of authenticity.

Ref. No. : 211203-1


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