Shelf cabinet Chigaidana

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Price:  1.150,00

Elegant black lacquered ‘Chigaidana’ 違棚 (staggered shelf) with three tiers; top, middle and base. The ends of the upper shelf and one side of the middle shelf gently curves upwards, a nice subtle detail.

The middle shelf only goes until halfway the étagère, which makes it possible to fill the cabinet with different sized objects. When filled, this piece of furniture gives a playful asymmetrical ambience.

The black lacquer is still very vibrant with a nice shine to it. The rims have a thinner layer of lacquer resulting in a nice thin soft brown stripe along the edges.

Other than some slight traces of use, the Chigaidana is in a good condition. For a good impression, please see the photos.

When you transport or move this cabinet, please watch the delicate joints. The columns are very thin, in combination with the weight of the base, makes the joints very fragile. Mid Showa period.

Height 106.9 cm, Width 96 cm, Depth 36.5 cm.

When shipped we will add a certificate of authenticity.

Ref. No. : 211312-B1305


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