Mizuya’dansu 水屋箪笥

Price:  4.300,00

Very large, wide and high quality completely restored wooden mizuya’dansu 水屋箪笥 (kitchen cabinet) in two sections. Fully restored, cleaned and waxed.

It is made of hinoki cypress wood. Slightly varnished, giving it soft warm brown colour.

The upper section consists of two pair of panel sliding doors fitted with rectangular darkened wooden thumb grips. Behind; a large open storage area.
The lower section has nine small drawers and two pair of sliding doors as well. The left-side doors with horizontal open worked bars with a stylized flower and leaf design. The sliding doors on the right have symmetrical wooden lattice work with metal mesh behind it.
The drawers are equipped with sturdy ‘warabite’-shaped bail handles with ornamented backplates. The drawers are very deep and have a lot of volume, for easy storage. They run very smoothly.

This amazing mizuya’dansu is in a very good restored condition. Please see the photos for a condition reference.
Late Meiji period – Taishô period (First part 20th century)
Height 173.2 cm, Width 174.1 cm, Depth 44.0 cm.

The name “mizuya’dansu” derived from the word “mizuya” (literally “place of water”). A space adjacent to the main room of a teahouse where shelving and a bamboo grate existed for cleaning and storing ceramics. Kitchen “dansu” is a result of the transformation of eating and cooking habits in the Edo-period. The change was driven by new vegetables and other crops which allowed the Japanese to devote time to the art of making meals rather than cooking one-pot meals for survival. It is not mere coincidence that the first cookbooks arrived in the same period as the birth of kitchen cabinetry. (From
Kunstauktionshaus Zemanek-Muenster)

When shipped we will add a certificate of authenticity.

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