Kantô-style kannon’biraki ishô’dansu

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Beautiful and completely restored Kantô-style kannon’biraki ishô’dansu 観音開き衣装箪笥 (cabinet of drawers with hinged doors for storing clothing) in two sections. Fully restored, cleaned and waxed.

The cabinet is made of hinoki cypress wood. The entire outside is only slightly varnished, giving it a tad warmer hue.

The upper part has a pair of 5-hinged doors with in the centre a large circular decorative lock plate decorated with a mon 紋 (crest) depicting an ivy 蔦 (tsuta). Behind the doors there are two large drawers.
The right door with an inscription in black ink. Dating the cabinet ‘Meiji 29’ 明治廾九, which is 1896.

The lower part with two large drawers of different sizes and a hinged door. The interior behind the hinged door with two small drawers.

The drawers of the cabinet are very deep and have a lot of volume, for easy storage. They run very smoothly as well.

The decorated lock plates of the drawers and the hinged doors have knobs in the shape of kiku 菊 (chrysanthemums). The drawers are equipped with sturdy ‘warabite’-shaped bail handles.

The sides are equipped with in total four pole-carrying handles, one on each side of the upper and lower part for easy transport and “locking” the upper section to the lower part (please see pictures).

It is in a very good functional and completely restored condition with some minor traces of age and wear. Please see the photos for a condition reference. There are no keys with this chest.

Height 106.3 cm, Width 100.1 cm, Depth 42.7 cm.

These kind of cabinets originate from the Kantô region, more specifically the city Edo, nowadays called Tôkyô.

This rare type of ishô’dansu is called ryôbiraki-dansu (両開き箪笥), and is also known as the kannonbiraki-dansu (観音開き箪笥). This two-section tansu destined to store women’s clothing was developed in Edo. The story says it was specially thought of for Edo’s Yoshiwara pleasure quarters to decorate the courtesans’ rooms.

When shipped we will add a certificate of authenticity.

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