Kaidan tansu

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Large and striking nine-step kaidan’dansu 階段箪笥 (cabinet of drawers that also function as stairs) made from indigenous hinoki 桧 (Japanese cypress) wood. It is build up of two sections. The entire cabinet is varnished in a deep brown hue.

For transport this piece comes in 2 sections. This is the way it was made originally. When put together it is completely strong and could indeed be used as a staircase. Or as a very decorative and very practical piece of furniture. The two sections are connected by an original long bamboo railing, which rests freely on top of two support beams. This bamboo railing is a rare feature – not often seen with this kind of step chests.
Each step chest made in the old Meiji and Edo period was made for one specific house. In other words these rare pieces and they are never identical.

The upper part with a hinged door and a pair of sliding doors. The lower part has a pair of large hinged doors, and three drawers of different size. The drawers are equipped with elegant ‘hirute’-shaped bail handles with matching back plates. The doors have a hidden closing mechanism; one of the horizontal bars can be moved to the side, so you can ‘lock’ the door (see the last two photos).

The drawers and doors all run smoothly. Because of the depth and volume of the cabinet, it has a lot of space for easy storage.

The step-cabinet is in a very good original condition with traces of age and use. The traces of wear contributes to the character of the cabinet rather than detracts from it. Please look at the photos for a clear condition reference.

Height: 198.7 cm, Width 176.7 cm, Depth 82.8 cm.

Upper section:
Height: 97 cm, Width 68.3 cm

Lower section:
Height: 101.7 cm, Width 176.7 cm

Bamboo railing:
Length 133.3 cm, Diameter 3.4 cm

Depths steps from top till bottom:
17.6 cm; 16.8 cm; 17.2 cm; 17.3 cm; 17.5 cm; 17.4 cm; 16.9 cm; 17.4 cm. and 39.8 cm.
Meiji-period – 19th century.
When shipped we will add a certificate of authenticity.

Ref. No. : N2545


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