Five step kaidan tansu 階段箪笥

Price:  2.200,00

Five step kaidan tansu 階段箪笥 (cabinet of drawers that also function as stairs) made from indigenous hinoki 桧(Japanese cypress) wood. The entire cabinet is varnished in a nice deep brown colour.

The front with two small drawers, a pair of sliding doors with horizontal bars, and a hinged door with a panel stained in a more crimson colour. The two drawers are equipped with a fine thin cast-iron handle, while the hinged door has a small piece of rope to use as a handle.

On the upper step there are two wooden cubes visible; these were originally used to secure the cabinet on the next floor of the interior.
No noteworthy defects. Some general traces of use, which adds to the authentic feel of this piece. Please see the photos as a reference of the overall condition.
This cabinet was probably originally the top-part of a 2-piece cabinet. But as a single piece of furniture, it fits perfectly in smaller interiors.
The drawers and doors all run smoothly. Because of the depth and volume of the cabinet, it has a lot of hidden space for easy storage.
The cabinet will be shipped on a pallet, and we will add a certificate of authenticity.
Height 123.6 cm, Width 134.7 cm, Depth 79.6 cm.

Bakumatsu/ Early Meiji Period.

Ref. No. : 211731


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