Exceptional butsudan

Price:  3.100,00

Very large and highest rank house-shrine (butsudan). Both the inner and outer doors can be opened in two positions: Fully opened with 3 paneled doors (4 x – total width approx. 250 cm.), and normally opened position with 2 paneled doors (4 x – total width approx 190 cm). Please see pictures 1 & 2. With extensive goldlacquered handcarved wooden shrine elements inside: Carvings of a phoenixes, and a dragon; buddhist figures in pine tree forest, ect. ect. With nicely lacquered drawer fronts depicting monks contemplating in nature, lotus flowers, birds and other boudhistic and floral scenes. Behind two sliding doors, with beautifull maquille lacquered landscape, there are 2 “hidden” drawers. When acquired new in Japan these shrine are extremely expensive to buy. Has all original hardware.
A Butsudan, is a shrine commonly found in temples and homes in Japanese Buddhist cultures. A butsudan is either a defined, often ornate platform or simply a wooden cabinet sometimes crafted with doors that enclose and protect a Gohonzon or religious icon, typically a statue or painting of a Buddha or Bodhisattva, or a calligraphic mandala scroll (Wikipedia).
In fantastic original condition.

Size; H. : 174 cm W. : 111 cm; D.: 76 cm

Shipping and handling not included.

Ref. No. : 200570


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