Hard wooden dai 台

Price:  600,00

Heavy and large solid dark brown hard wooden dai 台 (pedestal). The pedestal is made of a naturally formed large piece of wood. Making good use of these natural curves, small details have been cut in the lower half of the pedestal. You can see a toad and a caterpillar on the left, and on the right a skull and a snake.

It is finished with a nice even shiny top, which can be used to display different kind of objects, like okimono 置物 (decorative object) or ikebana baskets.

Please note the restoration on the head of the snake. The dai is in a very good condition.
Mid Showa-period.
Height 92.9 cm, Width 44.4 cm, Depth 30 cm.
Weight: 33 kg.

Ref. No. : 211802


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