Ship safe 懸硯船箪笥

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A small old ship safe 懸硯船箪笥 (kakesuzuri funa’dansu) to keep seals, money and documents. The safe is made of black lacquered wood.

The front with a single hinged door covered in iron mounts that are attached to the wood by small metal pins. The lock plate on the left decorated with a wave and a chrysanthemum-shaped knob. The interior with six drawers of different sizes. The lower two drawers with lock plates. Behind the right drawer a secret square container.
Completely restored and functional but at the same time in original condition with original hardware and with a nice patina. A key is not included.

When shipped we will add a certificate of authenticity.

Late Edo – early Meiji period.
Approx. 120 – 180 years old.
Size: H. : 36.9 cm W. : 31.7 cm D. : 42 cm
This type of heavy chest is referred to in Japanese as a funa’¬dansu. Safe’s like this were made from the Edo period (1603-1868) well into the Meiji period (1868 ¬- 1912), and used on the small merchant vessels plying the Sea of Japan and the inland sea between Osaka and Hokkaido Island. The present example is of the kakesuzuri (‘portable writing’) type, made specifically for use by the captain or the ship’s owner for safekeeping ledgers and valuables. Chests with a fitted, lockable interior and with densely ornamental cut¬iron mounts appear to have been made in the town of Ogi on Sado Island, a major port on the Sea of Japan trading route and the largest fun-a¬dansu production centre of northern Japan. (From Benjanssens.com)

Ref. No. : T2201


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