Ko dansu

Price:  320,00

Unrestored Ko dansu (small cabinet of drawers) which has been cleaned and waxed and is in fully functional condition (without keys). Made from Japanese hinoki cypresse wood. The outer part of the Ko dansu is made from dark brown wood, whereas the drawers from light brown wood. The handles are made from metal and are in a traditional Japanese form. The Ko dansu is configurated with 6 drawers; 1 large drawer, 2 medium-sized drawers, and 3 small ones. All in good working condition. Taisho-period.

Size H. : 37 cm W. : 57 cm. D. : 27 cm.

The Ko dansu is untouched unrestored original shape with minor signs of age and use.

Shipping and handling not included.

Ref. No. : 202024x


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