Kuruma’dansu 車箪笥 (wheeled storage chest

Price:  3.300,00

Sturdy and striking kuruma’dansu 車箪笥 (wheeled storage chest). Fully restored, cleaned and waxed.

Made with precious ‘Keyaki’ wood (Zelkova – Japanese oak) on the front with a very appealing warm brown lacquered finish. The sides and back are reinforced with hinoki (Japanese cypress) slats over indigenous sugi (cedar) wood varnished in a dark brown hue.

The upper portion of the chest has two full-width drawers held shut with a locking bar 棒 (bo). The lower portion has two medium sized drawers also held shut with another locking bar. Next to a hanged door heavily clad with iron, opening two three interior drawers.

The hardware is made of hand-forged iron and includes ‘warabite’-shaped drawer handles and extensive corner bracing.

The notable feature of a kuruma’dansu is that it is placed on wheels. That in case of a fire that it could be more easily removed from a store house.

Period: Japan – Early Meiji period (Second half 19th century).

Height 118.1 cm, Width 133.1 cm, Depth 66.8 cm.

It is in a very good completely restored condition. No keys included. Please look at the photos for a condition reference.

When shipped we will add a certificate of authenticity.

Ref. No. : B2007


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