Kansai 関西 chôba’dansu

Price:  1.850,00

Well-made wooden Kansai 関西 chôba’dansu 帳場箪笥 (merchant’s document cabinet) in a single section. Fully restored, cleaned and waxed.

The drawer fronts and exterior are made of indigenous hinoki cypress wood varnished in a warm brown hue with a nice patina.

Constructed with a pair of sliding doors, eight drawers of different size and a hinged door heavily clad with iron hardware opening to three more drawers.
The sliding doors are decorated with horizontal bars with a reticulated stylized circle and leaf design, and fitted with an iron sliding lock (not operable).

The smooth running drawers are equipped with slender iron ‘hirute’-shaped bail handles and rectangular lock plates with small circular appliques and raised knobs in the shape of chrysanthemum flower heads (kiku).

Each side equipped with a pair of slender totte (grip handles), and a large rectangular ‘pole carrying’-handle.

This type of cabinet originates from Kyôto/Kansai area.

The chôba’dansu is in a very good restored condition with traces of age and a lovely patina. The drawers and sliding doors run very smoothly. The cabinet is deep so there is a lot of volume for easy storage. Please see the photos for a condition reference. No keys included

Height 105.5 cm, Width 90.6 cm, Depth 42.1 cm.
Period: Japan – 19th century (Late Edo period/Early Meiji period).

Chôba’dansu: These chests were used by chōnin (merchants) on the choba (raised platform area of a shop) to store daifukucho (account books) and related business materials. These chests come in many sizes but are usually of only one section with numerous compartments and a wide variety of interior configurations. If visible to the customer, the face wood and hardware could be of high quality to convey a favourable impression. (From Wikipedia)

When shipped we will add a certificate of authenticity.

Ref. No. : B4010


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