Kimono’ishô’dansu 着物衣装箪笥

Price:  1.900,00

Charming wooden kimono’ishô’dansu 着物衣装箪笥 (cabinet of drawers for kimono) in three sections. Fully restored, cleaned and waxed in Japan.

It is made of indigenous kiri (paulownia) wood varnished in a sought after warm brown hue, a colour that we like to call ‘golden oak’.

The top section is designed with a pair of sliding doors, each accented with ornate chrysanthemum-shaped thumb grips. Revealing at the right side a compartment with three small drawers.
The middle section reveals its functionality with a pair of hinged doors, opening to four pull-out drawers. These doors are enhanced with a striking decorative brass back plate showcasing a reticulated motif of a ‘5-7-5 paulownia’s’-crest 五七桐紋 (go-shichi kiri mon).
The lower section with three full-width drawers, attached to a plinth.

The smooth-running drawers are fitted with patinated metal ‘warabite’-shaped bail handles, paired with small circular lock plates.

The sides with retractable “pole carrying”-handles for easy transport and locking the upper parts into place.

With its diverse array of compartments, this cabinet offers ample and convenient storage space, making it an ideal for storing all sorts of items.

Period: Japan – Mid-Shôwa period (Mid-20th century).

Height 162.5 cm, Width 90.7 cm, Depth 42.5 cm.

The kimono cabinet is in a very good completely resorted condition. Please look at the photos for a condition reference.

When shipped we will add a certificate of authenticity.

Ref. No. : C3242


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