Thai text on palmleaf (Tal patra)

Price:  220,00

Tal Patra with Thai hand inscribed text made out of dried palm leaves. Leaves are bundled together. The side of the leaves are decorated with a gold and red coloured tint.The text in palm leaf manuscripts was inscribed with a knife pen on rectangular cut and cured palm leaf sheets; colourings were then applied to the surface and wiped off, leaving the ink in the incised grooves. Each sheet typically had a hole through which a string could pass, and with these the sheets were tied together with a string to bind like a book. A palm leaf text thus created would typically last between a few decades and about 600 years before it decayed due to dampness, insect activity, mold and fragility (Wikipedia).

Early 20th century.

With a wooden box.

Shipping and handling not included.


Ref. No. : 14063


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