Korean linden wooden sungsungi bandaji cabinet

Price:  1.850,00

Striking and sturdy Korean linden wooden sungsungi bandaji cabinet, also known as a blanket-chest. Sungsungi means perforated, and it refers to the intricate openwork iron fittings. The hardware is decorated with different auspicious symbols, like stylized Chinese characters, and butterflies.
The front with a seven-hinged door that opens downward. The interior has a large open space for easy storage, above which three small drawers.
The sides are fitted with slender ‘fiddlehead fern’-shaped bail handles.
Such chests stored clothing and documents on the bottom, and bedding on top.

The elaborate ironwork on this piece is typical of works made in the northern region, possibly the Pyongyang area. Pyongyang chests can also be recognized by the type of wood used; linden wood does not have a strong grain pattern and therefore complements the openwork decoration of the iron fittings. (From Philadelphia Museum of Art, U.S.A)

Height 80.4 cm, Width 109.4 cm, Depth 49.5 cm.

Joseon Dynasty, 19th century.

It is in a very good completely restored condition with minor traces of age and wear.

When shipped we will add a certificate of authenticity.

Ref. No. : T2159


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