wooden bodhisattva Jizō

Price:  5.800,00

Keyaki (zelkova) wooden bodhisattva Jizō (Ksitigarbha) sitting upright with one leg resting on the other.

In his hands he holds a pearl and a staff with six rings (shakujō) symbolising the six perfections of a bodhisattva (paramita). The figure is placed on a rectangular plinth in front of a wooden halo-circle with three cintanamipearls.
The plinth is inlayed with a separate piece of wood that has a carved prayer for protection against illness, for prosperity in business and being free of all difficulties.
Meiji – Taisho period.

Size; Jizō: H. : 66 cm.
Plinth: 28,5 x 36,5 cm.


Ref. No. : 73080


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