Very large and rare wooden resting ox

Price:  850,00

Very large, heavy and rare wooden resting ox with a cord around its neck. These figures are placed in Tenmangu Shinto-temples commemoration Sugawara no Michizane: the ox is his messenger (tsukai no ushi).

Feb. 12 marks the beginning of the Year (2021) of the Ox. The second animal of the zodiac, the ox denotes the hard work, positivity and honesty that will be manifested in all of us in the coming 12 months, according to astrologers.The ox’s good attributes are not only found in the Chinese zodiac. The animal has been represented in religion, art, literature and popular culture throughout east Asia for centuries.

Due to the size of the item, this item will be shipped on a pallet (Euro pallet). We can ship worldwide. In the Netherlands we can also deliver directly. Pick-up at our warehouse is also possible. In nice original condition, with signs of age and weather circumstances.
The last picture shows an example of an Ox in granite at the temple site in the grounds of Fuji Omuro Sengen Shrine in Yamanashi Prefecture.

Meiji Period.

Size: H. : approx. 45 cm; W. : 125 cm; D. : 60 cm.

Shipping and handling not included.

Ref. No. : 12345


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