Tsuri’daiko 釣り太鼓 (hanging court or shrine drum)

Price:  1.250,00

Rare & high quality fully restored large black lacquer tsuri’daiko 釣り太鼓 (hanging court or shrine drum) with gold lacquered details.

On top a striking golden metal flame with an open work and engraved swirling cloud design with in the centre three raised ‘precious jewels’ 宝珠 (hôju).

In the middle of this large circular frame hangs a large drum (taiko). Its dark gold lacquered frame is made of precious solid keyaki wood (Zelkova – “Japanese oak). Both drum skins are fastened by two a row of gold lacquered dome-shaped rivets and are decorated with large black and gold lacquer crests depicting three swirling commas 三ツ巴 (mitsudomoe). When struck, the drum creates a nice strong and deep sound.
The frame is inscribed with two kanji, read together as ‘Hônô’ 奉納, meaning something like ‘dedication’ or ‘offering’.

The drum hangs from a metal hook and is fastened to the sides by orange silk cords.
The post is adorned by gold-rimmed stylized flames on each side, transcending into four elegant ‘warabite’-shaped feet. The post is inscribed as well.

The frame and feet are detachable, and the drum as well is detachable from the frame.

Including a black lacquer wooden bachi 撥 (striker), which can be hung from a metal ring at the side.

This unique instrument is in a very good restored condition with some traces of age and wear. A rare quality seen its age of approx. 120-150 years old(!). Please look at the photos for a condition reference. Please take a close look at the last photo of a defect of one of the ornaments.

Approx. size complete frame:
Height 133 cm, Width 79 cm, Depth 61 cm.
Size drum:
Diameter 50.5 cm, Depth 18 cm.
Period: Japan – Meiji period (1868-1912).

The tsuri-daiko (kanji: 釣り太鼓; also called gaku-daiko (kanji: 楽太鼓)) is a large Japanese hanging drum. It is used primarily in bugaku orchestra. Bugaku (舞楽, court dance and music) is a Japanese traditional dance that has been performed to select elites, mostly in the Japanese imperial court, for over twelve hundred years. (From Wikipedia)

These type of drums are sometimes found in Shintô shrines as well, which can also be right for this model given the mitsudomoe-crest. Which is a crest closely associated with Shintô shrines.

When shipped we will add a certificate of authenticity.

Ref. No. : B1302


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