Temple table

Price:  2.400,00

Exceptional and very large Kyozukue altar temple table.
The table is red, brown, black and “Nashi ji” sprinkled gold lacquered and has a natural wooden lacquered top.
The lacquered top with a beautiful woodgrain.
With extensive woodcarving in the front panel of lotus flowers, symbolizing purity of the body, speech and mind.
This table has all complete original brass hardware with sophisticated floral design.
The side parts of the top can be taken out, then the table top can be taken out too, this covers a large storage compartment.
In very nice completely cleaned condition, with traces of age and usage.
The laptop on the second picture is not included – It’s only meant to give an idea of the dimensions of this piece.
Total width: 152 cm; Height: 88 cm; Depth: 45,4 cm.

Late Meiji-period.
When shipped we will add a certificate of authenticity.

Ref. No. : 202160x


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