Sutra Box

Price:  350,00

Very large kyōbako 経箱 (sutra box) completely lacquered in a nice soft moss green colour. In the centre of the lid a large gold lacquered crest depicting twin arched holly olive leaves 柊 (hiragi). On the lower left two kanji 漢字 (Chinese characters) in seal-script. The sides of the lid with mokkô-shaped 木瓜 (quince) cutouts.
Some chips of lacquer from the corners. Please see the photos as a reference. Other than that in a good condition, a nice feat considering its approximately 100 year old age.
Holly olive were thought to ward off disasters. They were also used as family emblems. It is also a common crest on kyôbako.
Height 20.9 cm, Width 39.7 cm, Depth 56.8 cm

Taishō period (1912-1926).

Ref. No. : T2165


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