Shrine gong

Price:  1.450,00

Uncommon & high quality black lacquer and alloy tsuri’shôko 釣鉦鼓 (small hanging court/shrine gong) with gold lacquered details.

On top a striking gold-coloured metal flame with openwork and engraved swirling clouds design. In the centre an embossed crest depicting a plum blossom 梅 (ume) in a circle.

In the middle of the circular frame hangs an alloy gong with raised circles.

The gong hangs from a metal hook and from its side hang red silk cords with ornamental knots and tassels.

The post is adorned by gold-rimmed stylized flames on each side, transcending into four elegant warabite-shaped feet. The frame and feet equipped with ornamental golden metal shaped fittings.

The frame is detachable, and the drum as well is detachable from the frame.

Including a wooden bachi 撥 (striker).

This unique instrument is in a good original condition with some traces of age and wear. Mainly some lacquer loss around the rim. Please look at the photos for a condition reference.
Shōwa period (1926-1989).
Approx. size complete frame:
Height 96.5 cm, Width 39 cm, Depth 41.5 cm.
Size gong:
Diameter 19.5 cm, Depth 4 cm.

A shoko is a percussion instrument used in gagaku (Japanese court dance and music), and is the only metal musical instrument used in gagaku. When used in Buddhism, this musical instrument is also known as ‘kane’ or ‘sho’.
Shoko in gagaku: The dish-shaped metal part is hit with two sticks to create a sound. When used in concert, it plays the role of producing a steady rhythm. It is also called “gaku-shoko” or “tsurigane-shoko.”
Shoko in Buddhism: Usually, it is hung from a stand called a ka and is hit with a stick called a shumoku to produce sounds. Shoko have been used in Temples in Japan from ancient times, and “Daianji Garan Engi narabini Ruki Shizai Cho” (a document about the origin of Daian-ji Temple and about the assets of the temple) completed in 747 includes descriptions of shoko. It is likely that four shoko were used as a set in olden times. (From Japanese wiki corpus)

When shipped we will add a certificate of authenticity.

Ref. No. : B1307-B


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