Lacquered butsudan

Price:  1.900,00

A beautiful black lacquered wooden house shrine 仏壇 (butsudan) with a lot of excessive details.

The gilded interior of the butsudan has detailed shrine elements decorated with many different auspicious symbols.

The shrine can be closed off by a pair of black lacquered interior doors with black lacquer lattice work, and a pair of black lacquer outer doors with gold lacquered cartouches fitted with decorative metal hardware and a sliding lock in front.
Outside of the inner door the butsudan is equipped with 2 more drawers with beautiful golden maki-e motifs.

On the lower part 2 sliding doors decorated with a continuous image with iris flowers and  ducks in a pond.

When acquired new, in Japan these shrines are extremely expensive to buy!

Period: Japan – Mid-Shôwa period (Mid-20th century).

Approx. dimensions:
Height 159 cm, Width 70 cm with closed doors , width with open doors 140 cm, Depth 52 cm.

In an overall good condition with some traces of wear conform age and normal use. Loss of lacquer on the right side and lower left corner in front, please see photos. For a clear general condition reference, please refer to the photos as well.

When shipped we will add a certificate of authenticity.

Ref. No. : C3241


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