Koro of god of fortune

Price:  2.350,00

Massive, high quality kôro 香炉 (censer) of Jurôjin 寿老人seated on a deer. Jurôjin is one of the Taoist Seven Gods of Fortune 七福神 (Shichifukujin).

Cast as the lucky god Jurôjin seated on his deer familiar, the deer with large separately cast antlers, the lucky god holding a tama in one hand, his face with a jolly expression framed by pendulous earlobes and with a long, neatly incised beard. The deer’s saddle cloth with an embossed design with a sinuous rain dragon on one side, and minogame 蓑亀 (ancient turtle). The bronze patinated to a deep-black finish and bearing a fine, unctuous patina.

Height 67 cm, Length 70 cm, Depth 33 cm.
Weight 14 kg.
Period: Japan – 19th century (Late Edo period/Early Meiji period).

Considering its age in good condition with minor wear conform age. Old restoration to one leg. Please examine the photos for a clear condition reference.

When shipped we will add a certificate of authenticity.

Ref. No. : B4315 bg24


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