Hexagonal copper temple lantern

Price:  400,00

Heavy hexagonal copper temple lantern with a crown of 6 petals standing on leaf-shaped supports. In Japan it is called a ” Kin Toro”, and they are found hanging in Buddhist temples. The windows of the lantern are decorated with wave-like patterns and covered with rice paper. Above the windows, you will find different cut out shapes such as flowers and leaves. Inside the lantern, a copper candle holder can be found. This lantern is in beautiful condition and can be used as both a hanging lantern or a standing one. The lantern can be used with a candle which gives a beautiful warm atmosphere!

Shōwa periode (1926-1989)

Width: 38 cm
Height: 37 cm
Weight: 2.55 kg

Shipping and handling not included.

Ref. No. : 202140X


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