Buddhist mandala painting

Price:  1.200,00

High quality Japanese esoteric Shingon (“true word”) Buddhist mandala painting with a central figure, Dainichi Nyorai. Around Dainichi. In Shittan script, the light mantra: Komyo Shingon, true words of light, transmitted by Kobo Daishi. The mantra starts below, going clockwise. At the background are the symbolic colors of the rainbow. The mantra helps the rebirth of the deceased in Amida’s paradise in the west. Some horizontal wrinkling behind the protective glass of the frame, but overal in very nice colourful original condition.

Meiji Period; 100 – 120 years old painting. Mounted with a brocade border.

Size: H. : 121.8 cm W. :54.7 cm D. : 1.8 cm

Shipping and handling not included.

Ref. No. : 93130


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