Large black lacquer zushi for deity Fudô Myô-ô

Price:  2.400,00

Large black lacquer zushi 厨子 (portable shrine with double doors) that houses a carved wooden standing figure of the deity Fudô Myô-ô 不動明王. He is worshipped as a wrathful avatar of Dainichi, the buddha at the center of the Buddhist cosmos.

He has a expressively ferocious look on his face, a pair of tusks peeking out, and his hair bound and falling over his left shoulder.
As a tenacious protector of Buddhist teachings, Fudô is armed with a lasso in his left hand (to catch and bind up demons) and a devil-subduing sword named ‘kurikara’ in his right (representing wisdom cutting through ignorance) to subdue negative forces. His neck adorned by lavish jewellery.

Standing tall and proud on a multi-tiered pedestal base finished with polychrome lacquer with gilded details. Behind him a large open work red aureole in the shape of roaring flames of fire. Representing the purification of the mind by the burning away of all material desires.

The shrine with a gilded interior and a richly decorated canopy raised by a pair of pillars.
The exterior with refined gilt copper hardware over a black lacquer substrate. The hardware with an engraved scrolling foliage design.

Period: Japan –19th century (Late Edo period/Meiji period).

Approx. dimensions:
Height 60.5 cm, Width 28.5 cm, Depth 19.5 cm.
Height Fudô Myô-ô:
With pedestal 48 cm, Figure 24 cm.
The figure and pedestal cannot removable from the shrine.

Considering its age the shrine is in a good condition with several restorations and some traces of wear conform age, like some (lacquer) losses. These things, we mention to be sure, but they absolutely do not detract from the whole presentation of the piece. Please look at the photos for a condition reference.

When shipped we will add a certificate of authenticity.

Ref. No. : C2401 zacke vj 24


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