Pair of fine Kutani’ware porcelain temple lions

Price:  320,00

Pair of fine Kutani’ware porcelain figures of a red fierce temple lion 獅子 (shishi) leaning against a playing ball, known as ‘temari’ 手毬with rich motif of peony 牡丹 (botan). Rich polychrome glaze with gilded accents. They stand mirrored of each other.

Bothe with a 2-character seal, one reading ‘Kutani’ 九谷.

In a very good original condition. Please look at the photos for a condition reference.
Period: Japan – Mid-Shôwa period (Mid-20th century).

Dimensions lion 1:
Height 21 cm, Width 18.5 cm, Depth 14 cm.
Dimensions lion 1:
Height 16 cm, Width 14 cm, Depth 12 cm.

Ref. No. : C2500-A


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