Very large black lacquer zushi with bodhisattva Kannon

Price:  5.200,00

Very large black lacquer zushi 厨子 (portable shrine with double doors) that houses a finely carved wooden Buddhistic figure: the bodhisattva Kannon 観音, also known as Avalokiteshvara, the Goddess of Mercy.

The elegant sculpture stands on a double lotus throne, holding a padma (lotus flower) in her left hand and displaying the abhaya mudra with her right, a gesture of fearlessness and the granting of protection.
Adorned with a metal crown and regal jewellery, long cloth drapes gracefully at her side, while a circular nimbus highlights her head.
The lotus flower-shaped base features intricate petal details accented with gilded touches, and the reticulated platform and lower lotus part gleam in shiny gold lacquer, resting on a rocky base.

The shrine with a gilded interior, and the exterior with refined copper hardware over a black lacquer substrate. The shrine has a pair of double-hinged doors. The hardware with an engraved scrolling foliage design. The hook-like lock shaped like a pair of mirrored phoenixes 鳳凰 (hô’ô).

Height 67 cm, Width 28.5 cm, Depth 22.5 cm.
Height Amida Nyorai:
With pedestal 56 cm, Figure 41 cm.
The figure and pedestal cannot removable from the shrine.

Period: Japan – First half 19th century (Late Edo period).

Considering its age the shrine is in a very good condition with old restorations and traces of wear conform age, like some minor lacquer loss/craquelé. Probably there were paintings or inscriptions on the inside of the doors, which are now covered by the previous owner to maintain private. Which is something that is quite common amongst such shrines.
A finger and the point of the robes with old restoration. These things, we mention to be sure, but they absolutely do not detract from the whole presentation of the piece. Please look at the photos for a condition reference.

Kannon, also known as Kuan Yin (Guanyin) in Chinese Buddhism, is a compassionate and revered bodhisattva in Japanese Buddhism. As the embodiment of infinite compassion and mercy, Kannon is often depicted as a female figure, reflecting her nurturing and compassionate nature. She is believed to hear the cries of those in suffering and provide aid and comfort to those in need. Kannon is one of the most widely venerated bodhisattvas in Japan, and her presence is prevalent in temples, shrines, and artworks across the country. Devotees seek her blessings for protection, healing, and guidance on their spiritual journey.

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