Marble Burmese buddha

Price:  3.100,00

Impressive, very large and heavy Burmese white marble statue of a reclining Buddha. His ushnisha (fleshy protuberance on the crown of the head) and well-draped robes with traces of polychromy. Iconically, he is lying on his right side, relying on his right elbow. Normally, he will rest his head on his right hand, but in this case he is touching the earth with this hand, which is known as the Bhumisparsa Mudra, representing the moment of the Buddha’s awakening as he claims the earth as the witness of his enlightenment.

The sculpture on the rectangular base is made out of a single piece of heavy marble.

A reclining Buddha is an image that represents Buddha lying down and is a major iconographic theme in Buddhist art. It represents the historical Shakyamuni Buddha, during his last illness, about to enter the parinirvana. (From Wikipedia)

Approx. size:
Height 69 cm, Width 95.5 cm, Depth 37 cm.
Approx. 220 kg (!).

In a very good condition with a great patina and some traces of age and wear. Please take a close look at the photo of his feet and the rim at the back. For a clear condition reference, please look at the photos as well.

Shipping of this stone lantern is relatively easy. We will use a wooden pallet and good packing for safe transport.
When shipped we will also add a certificate of authenticity.

Ref. No. : NL20202


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