Large carved wooden guardian deity Zôchôten 增長天;

Price:  4.200,00

Impressive, large carved solid wooden figure shaped like the guardian deity Zôchôten 增長天; King of the South and Lord of Spiritual Growth. Zôchôten is one of the four Shintennô 四天王, a group of fierce-looking guardian deities who protect the four cardinal directions.

Standing in a dynamic pose with an intimidating expression. Bushy v-shaped brows, angry looking eyes and open mouth. Dressed in full armor 鎧 (yoroi) with a striking belt shaped like a temple lions head 獅子 (shishi). Holding one hand in his hip, and rests one foot on an elevation.

Carved from solid wood with traces of red, black and white pigment and gilding. Placed on a base from a later date. In a fair condition. An arm missing, and overall traces of wear conform age, like loss of pigment. Please look at the photos for a condition reference.

Approx. dimensions:
Height 130 cm, Width 63 cm, Depth 37 cm.
Weight 33.4 kg.

Period: Japan – Around 1800 – Edo period (Radiocarbon date 200 ± 40 BP).

Including ‘Radio carbon dating certificate’, from the “Conventional radio carbon dating service laboratory. Kiev”.

When shipped we will add a certificate of authenticity.

Due to the delicacy and weight of this piece, a custom-made wooden crate will be made for transport

Ref. No. : 93514


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