Fudō myō-ō

Price:  3.600,00

A rare black wooden Fudō myō-ō. The king of mystical knowledge stands in a slight tribhanga posture, in his right hand clenched into a fist he holds a sword, the symbol of knowledge, in his left hand a wire loop to bind all evil influences. A wrap skirt is tied around the hips and a scarf is draped over the upper body. The grimly contorted face is that of an angry deity with large eyes inlaid in glass and pressed lips with protruding fangs, the hair is twisted into knots and formed into a small braid on the left, which shows the flow of compassion into the world of living beings. On a base of layered, rectangular elements, gilded over black lacquer, surrounded by rocks, above a low base with black, gold-plated lacquer mount and metal fittings (dam.). A halo of licking flames to be stuck behind the figure, probably from a later period. Short inscription in the base: Miyako daibusshi. Possibly the carver in Kyoto of this statue.
This piece is overall in good condition, with signs of ware due to old age.
The figure has inlayed glass eyes.
Edo Period.

Size total: H. : 68,5 cm W. : 27,5 cm D. : 21,5 cm.
Size figure: H. : 43.5 W.: W.: 18.5 cm D.: 11 cm

Late Edo Period. (Edo period 1603-1868)

Shipping and handling not included.

Ref. No. : 92006


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