Amida Nyorai 阿弥陀仏

Price:  700,00

Charming finely carved sandal wooden Buddhistic figure: Amida Nyorai 阿弥陀仏 (also known as Amitabha), the Buddha of Infinite Light, displaying the welcoming mudra 来迎印 (raigô-in) to greet the soul of a faithful devotee at death. The robes are elegantly draped across its body, hanging loose along the arms and opening at the chest. Heightened by a gilded design.
The tight curls painted blue and surmounted by an inlaid ushnisha, underneath a white inlaid byakugo (urna).
Backed by a pillar with a lotus swirling around and topped by a sun-shaped halo.
All resting on a double-lotus throne supported by an ornate galleried pedestal.

Height 43.5 cm, Width 15 cm, Depth 12 cm.
Height Kannon 19.5 cm.

Sandal wood is known for its pleasant smell.
Shōwa period (1926-1989)
In a very good original condition. Please look at the photos for a condition reference.

Ref. No. : B4162


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